Joe Karlovec lives and works in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has an MFA in Painting from Kent State University, and a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. In 2018, his work was exhibited at the Czong Institute of Contemporary Art (CICA Museum) in South Korea. Publications that have featured his work include Studio Visit Magazine, CreativPaper Magazine, and the International Drawing Annual.

[ Artist Statement ]
I'm interested in the consciousness of the materials I use and finding ways to pull meaning out of their innate imperfections. My studio practice is fluid and adaptable. Not every action needs to be planned, articulated, or resolved. The work is guided by direct physical experience. Remnants of one provide groundwork for another. Technique and process can only carry a work so far, but imperfections are far more compelling. Engaging in an impromptu, extemporaneous methodology of making presents a more vulnerable experience for looking, and at times, a few lucid moments too.